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Your Color Closet

This is my monthly subscription service for existing clients. It’s a great way to add items to your wardrobe in YOUR best colors. It will keep your wardrobe current and up to date. Which items you purchase are completely up to you. 

Investment: $39 a month or $450/yearly (a savings of $20 with a yearly subscription)


How It Works

You’ll answer some questions, and send me pictures of you (side, front and rear facing).

What You'll Receive

  • A monthly email with at least 5 clothing items chosen specific to YOUR palette

  • Information and ideas about how to work these pieces into your existing wardrobe and move some of the things you own that don’t serve you out of your closet.

  • 4 times a year (at the change of seasons), you’ll get 10 items instead (these months are a good time to add new things in your colors for the upcoming season).

  • Unlimited access to your “closet”

  • Email access to ask me questions

  • A 10% discount on a lookbook if you’re looking for something special in your colors (weddings, holidays, parties, etc). These can easily be added to your virtual closet.

Join Your Color Closet Now!

Thanks for signing up! I will reach out to you shortly with next steps and payment info.

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