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Client Testimonials

"Colleen’s great sense of style, extensive experience, and directness will make you a client for life and I highly recommend her if you’re considering a positive change for your career, and over all life!

After working with Colleen, you will never want to work with another stylist again. I can’t imagine it getting any better. She studied my body type and chose clothes that felt my style, but also made me stand out and look great in front of the camera. The news industry can be tough to stand out in, and with Colleen’s guidance and professional expertise I felt proud and confident as a reporter. All I can say is, I wish I met Colleen sooner."

Nancy G.


"Colleen does an amazing job emphasizing the importance of image. Whether you want to be on camera or not, it is key to look the part and Colleen makes sure you are well-prepared for the news industry. Colleen has given me so many great tips Anytime I have any questions about if an outfit or accessory is acceptable, I will STILL always go to her first because she has such a good eye for what looks good on TV. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Jacob P.

"She understands that everyone is unique .. and there is a way to bring your "look" out of you. I believe having a personal stylist like Colleen in your corner to elevate your look will help you with confidence and presentation."

Nana S.

"With a new career in a client-facing role, what I wear and how I wear it is essential to meeting the full potential of my position.
I have always worn bold colors as I feel that matches my personality, but my professional life needs to be neat and complimentary to my general appearance. Colleen did an analysis of my colors and showed me that the colors that best suit me are actually pastels and dusty versions of my favorite bold colors. These are the colors I've always told my 16 year old son that he looks best in! Because of Colleen, I plan to start building my professional closet very soon!"

Shelly A.

"I am so happy I decided to do a color analysis with Colleen! The process was so cool, and Colleen made it very simple. As a 46-year-old, full-time working mom, I need shopping to be simplified. I love clothes but have never known why some items I buy make me feel amazing and some do absolutely nothing for me. Colleen has cleared all of this up. I now know how to shop, and I choose pieces that will make me feel my best. What I am most grateful for, however, is how accessible this is. Colleen has provided women with a way to feel exponentially more confident about themselves at a very manageable price. This has truly revived how I feel about myself. I highly recommend for anyone looking to refine their style, simplify their wardrobe, and/or gain a better understanding of their personal aesthetic."



Chele M.

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