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Frequently Asked Questions

Who works with an image consultant?

Anyone who is ready to elevate their confidence and feel better in their personal style! I work with professionals, moms, college students, etc.

If you have trouble shopping or knowing what looks best on you, an introductory session may be just what you need! My clients benefit from professional expertise and guidance, allowing them to show their best selves to the world.

I just want to feel put together. How can you help me?

First, we'll define your personal style. (everyone has one, even if you haven’t found it yet!) and determine your image and style goals. During our sessions together I will teach you my styling tips and tricks and I’ll also deliver a lookbook to you that will show you exactly how to put an outfit together down to the accessories! Here is a look at the platform I use to show you items and exactly how style them!


Are you trained and qualified?

I am certified as a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, and Color Analyst. I also have the unique experience of working with Image Consultants from my decades on air in TV news. I know the difference colors can make in your appearance. I know how body shape dictates what clothes look best on you, and I am passionate about sharing that knowledge. I've also invested in elite training on color analysis and styling and love showing people how knowing your best colors can shift your whole mindset on appearance.

You barely know me, how can you possibly be able to shop for me?

It all starts with a free Zoom. I want to know your vision, what stage of life you’re in and what you’re trying to achieve. Your style is your own, and I will create that for you. I use a state of the art platform with a detailed questionnaire after we chat, for more information. I will ask you a lot of questions so I deliver exactly what you need! If you’ve been struggling with something when it comes to style, I want to know! I can help make that easier for you. 


I want to know your lifestyle, your likes, how things make you feel. It is my job to translate your feelings and lifestyle into a wardrobe that will work for you and make you radiate. 

What is a color analysis?

There is a lot more to color than "four seasons". You could be one of 10 potential color palettes. I will analyze your skin and eyes to determine which palette will make you shine! Wearing "your" colors will make your skin look healthier, your teeth look whiter, and your eyes pop. Wearing the right colors will eliminate shadowing around your face. Your best colors bring out the very best in your appearance. Your palette won't ever change, even if you're tanned or you change hair color. It's an inexpensive investment for a lifetime of looking your best.

What is a lookbook?

We will have an introductory Zoom session to talk about what you’re looking to achieve. Once I have your vision and budget, I will choose looks for you based on best colors and body type. I can create professional lookbooks if you're job searching or interviewing.​ I work with brides for pre-wedding activities (showers, etc.).​ If you have family photos and want a cohesive look for everyone, I can provide options.​ If you have a special occasion coming up, I will pull looks for you and provide links. I help you take the stress out of planning outfits! 

But most of all, I work with every day women to help them look more put together and polished, and just feel better about themselves. Working with me, will also help you start to create a curated and functional closet. Everything will work together and it will make getting dressed so much easier! Book a lookbook today!

How much does it cost?

 I will work with YOUR budget.  I also offer custom packages. Let’s talk in a free Zoom session about what you needs are and I can direct you to the best services for you. It’s more affordable than you think!  I also share my style tips with you along the way, so you’ll feel more confident when you are shopping for yourself!

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