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Elevate Your Style

This is 3-month stylist supported service for all clients. It is more comprehensive than the Jumpstart program offering Stylist supported wardrobe and styling assistance for 90 days. 


Throughout the process, you’ll have access to me so you can run things by me and check in for other style support.

Investment: $2,200 or 3 monthly payments of $734

What You'll Receive

  • One 45 minute Style Evaluation Zoom call where we will discuss your completed client questionnaire, your desired style in depth, any frustrations you have,  things you like and dislike about your wardrobe and create the path to you dressing confidently.

  • A full color analysis done virtually (or if you’re in Richmond, this can be done in person). You will learn best colors for you, get an 8-10 page PDF report explaining the results with recommendations for best hair colors, makeup, even jewelry. A physical color swatch wallet in your palette will be sent to you in the mail.

  • A Fit Analysis Report that explains what your body shape is, how to best dress it, which cuts of clothing are most flattering and which to stay away from. 

  • A Style Personality Quiz. We each have 2 distinct Style Personalities. You’ll learn more about yours, and it helps determine what styles of clothes you are drawn to.

  • A Virtual Closet Cleanout on Zoom.  Budget 3 hours for this. We will go through what you can part with and what you can keep. We’ll look at how your clothing fits and remove anything that doesn’t serve you. In the end, you will have a curated and functional closet. (This can be done in person if you are in Richmond).

  • One Mood Board will be delivered to you to make sure we are on the same page with your style direction, help you visualize your style and to be used as inspiration when working together. 

  • One Personal Shopping Session  where I will pull pieces for you from various stores based on your shopping list. I will choose 10 -15 items for you, you can upload up to 20 photos of items you own, and all of this will be styled into 15 looks in a Lookbook.  I invest in an amazing platform to make this so user friendly for you. 

  • An additional Zoom call after you’ve ordered new items, so I can see them on you. How they fit, do they flatter, etc. This will take about an hour.

  • A Second Personal Shopping Session.  Here is where we will fill in any gaps in your wardrobe. Basics, accessories, shoes. You can also ask for vacation clothing, event clothing etc. I will choose 10 items for you in this session. I will add these items to your Lookbook. 

  • 3 Months of Style Support via email and Voxer (app used for communicating) for all of your style questions ensuring you feel confident in every look.

  • A Final Check In via Zoom at the end of 3 months to answer any additional questions.

Want to pay in monthly installments? Contact me to get started.

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