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Special Seasonal Offering

Don’t spend hours searching for the right colors and outfits to make a cohesive family photo or holiday card! Look your best with my new Family Photo Shoot offering! 

Raise the bar... and allow yourself to rise to it!

Colleen Phelps is a Certified Image Consultant/Personal Stylist with years of experience.  She worked as a news anchor/reporter for 20 years where she had to put forth her best image and appearance. She’s also worked as a college instructor, where she advises students on how to best present themselves professionally. Colleen is passionate about helping both women and men shine in their own unique best light.


One of Colleen’s favorite sayings is “Image matters!”


She offers style and image consulting services to help you showcase the best version of yourself, improve your confidence, and make getting dressed every day easy and FUN!


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